How we do it

⦁ The Justice and Peace Commission of Cyangugu is one of the 9 Diocesan Commissions Justice and Peace of the Dioceses of Rwanda. It works under the supervision of the Episcopal Commission Justice and Peace of Rwanda. The pastoral priority of this Commission is the building of peace and reconciliation.

We operate our activities through the interdependence of parish and central structures and the basic ecclesial community, focusing on various aspects of interventions including peace clubs in schools, former apostles of peace, paralegals, psychosocial animators, pilot families, mediators, peace observers.

⦁ The Justice and Peace Commission in Cyangugu implements its programs through top-down operational structures.
⦁ At the level of the Diocese, the Commission is composed of 26 members (one representative per parish (19) and members of the technical office (7)).
⦁ At Centrale, there is a committee of five members which coordinates the activities of the committees of the Basic Ecclesial Communities (CEBs). Each committee of the CEB is composed of 4 members.
⦁ The members of the Diocesan Commission meet every year and start from the evaluation of the activities of the previous year to plan the activities of the following year.
⦁ The members of the technical office are responsible for coordinating the activities of various programs under execution for all the direct and indirect beneficiaries (700 633 inhabitants of the Diocese of Cyangugu).
⦁ It should be noted that the role of the members of the Technical Office is plan, execute, monitor and evaluate activities under the supervision of the President assisted by the coordinator of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission.
⦁ The same office is responsible for reporting the progress of projects, their impacts and challenges and provides other project proposals as solutions to identified needs.