Our works

The Diocesan Peace and Justice Commission carries out its activities through four programs:

  • Capacity building of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission at all levels (Diocesan, Parish, Central and Basic Ecclesial Community) in order to make them more operational;
  • Education on Peace and Justice values, focusing its efforts particularly on sensitizing youth, women and other adults to the promotion of the values of peace and justice.
  • Education in respect of human rights by raising awareness of principles and laws.
  • Community reconciliation and healing.

– The formations: The Diocesan Commission Justice and Peace attaches great importance to the training sessions for the intervention of mediators or apostles of peace.

– The annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly meetings are held at different levels by the leaders and members of the Justice and Peace Commission in the context of concentration in the actions to be taken.

– Regular raids on ground to support the base are carried out to closely monitor the activities of the apostles of peace at the base.

– The spiritual recollections

– Exchanges of inter-parish and interdiocesan experience are made in the context of getting rich in terms of intervention.
– The publications of his achievements in the national newspapers of the Church to make known his role in questioning to peaceful coexistence based on justice enlightened by the Gospel.

– Mediation. Disputes between neighbors are settled at the level of the basic ecclesial community instead of resorting to judicial bodies. CHALLENGES

– Specific on-site monitoring of the CEB’s apostles of peace for permanent supervision at the parish level.

– Advocacy.

– Campus and festival for peace

– Cultural Forum