Congress of dynamic women for peace on 22 March 2017.


Congress of dynamic women for peace on 22 March 2017
Yesterday on 22 March 2017 at the diocésain centre, a congress of dynamic women for peace was held, which Congress was organized by the commission justice and peace commission under the support of cafod.

This Congress was an extension of world women’s day, which was celebrated on 08 March each year. It was invited by women opinion leaders of the various structures at local level, delegates from parishes in the diocèse diocese, delegates from the various associations for peace. There was also a delegation from the archdiocese of bukavu and that of the diocese of uvira in rd Congo.
After the word of the president of the ccdjp the opening word of the vicar general of the diocèse diocese, women opinion leaders exchanged views on family disputes and domestic violence. After confirming that violence exists in families, they have identified the kinds of violence, the causes, the consequences, the main actors, the most vulnerable, but they have also offered solutions.

After having made group exchanges and pooling, the debate led to a fundamental recommendation to return to the family that is the foundation of society by advocating for the dialogue of the bride and groom, the education of children based on morality. And the values of society, strengthen the teachings given to young people who prepare for marriage by emphasizing love. The intervention of the church and the state will come after supporting families.
Indeed, the woman who and the most victim of domestic violence has also had dignity since its creation, which is why everyone is called to fight for family dignity and society. If the man becomes aware that he is the head of the family and the woman is part of his body, he will obey and respect his wife because he can’t threaten his own body. So the family will be built by love and truth. And fruit will be peace and joy in families.


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