Fight against Domestic Violence Done to women

The objective of this project is to reduce cases of violence and to support people who suffer the consequences of this violence to regain lost spaces by aiming at their moral, social and emotional rehabilitation.

The expected results of this project are :

  • An effective framework for raising awareness of violence is effective,
  • Couples in difficulty find mutual understanding,
  • Girl mothers and their children regain their rights.

Awareness-raising activities focus on calling out members of the community to take into account the extent of acts of violence and their impact on human well-being.

Families living in divisions are helped to feel soothed by support from the pilot families identified.

The project’s priority is to help single mothers secure a future through life counseling and advocacy for access to their rights and that of their children.

Financial partner: Secours Catholique Caritas France

The specific objectives:

  • Significantly involve communities, family members, men and young people in the 4 parishes in the fight against violence against women at home and in professional circles
  • Train Justice and Peace facilitators to support victims and families in resolving conflicts causing violence.
  • Bring peace to households in conflict through mediations organized by model couples of the parish
  • Help unmarried girl mothers and their young children in a return to the law (paternal recognition of the child and registration in civil status) and a resolution of family conflicts.